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PrimaLoft® Insulation for the MILITARY

The U.S. Military

PrimaLoft® insulation was originally developed for the US Army as a water resistant down alternative. Today PrimaLoft® is the premier supplier of insulation to the Army, Marines, and Special Forces providing them with a tactical advantage under extreme wet and cold conditions.

Gen III ECWCS Level VII Overview

The U.S. Special Forces selected PrimaLoft® insulation as part of a multi-layer Protective Combat Uniform (PCU) system as well as for sleeping bags. The U.S. Army utilizes PrimaLoft® insulation in Level VII Gen III ECWCS (Extended Cold Weather Clothing System). The U.S. Marine Corps uses PrimaLoft® insulation in their extreme cold weather parka, trouser and bootie.

Other Military Applications

The protective glove manufacturer W+R has extensive experience in research and development of gloves for provincial and state police, federal border guards, the German military and other European institutions. W+R chose PrimaLoft® for their Arctic, Polar and Blizzard gloves, intended for operations with exposure to extreme cold and moisture.

“During Operation Mountain Lion I found myself praying for bad weather, the first time in my military career I was actually begging for a cold front to come through. I knew my soldiers could handle it and the enemy couldn’t. ECWCS allowed my men to outlast the enemy on their own terrain. When the enemy was forced out of the mountains due to the bitter cold to take shelter, that’s when we got them.”

LTC Christopher Cavoli, Commander
1-32, IN BN 10th MTN

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Army ECWCS Level VII Gen III Level VII jacket and pants insulated with PrimaLoft®
W&R gloves From top to bottom: The Arctic, Polar, and Blizzard glove from W+R
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