The World's Best Synthetic Insulation

PrimaLoft® SYNERGY, is an advanced multi-denier continuous filament insulation engineered for superior warmth, softness and loft. PrimaLoft® SYNERGY is constructed of both fine and ultra fine denier continuous filament fibers. This fiber composition results in an insulation that raises the performance bar of continuous filament insulations.

Fine and ultra-fine fibers form tiny air pockets that trap body heat and keep the cold out. These fine and ultra-fine fibers are engineered for permanent water resistance and create tight surface tension that resists moisture penetration. The ultra-fine continuous filament fibers allow PrimaLoft® SYNERGY to be softer and more compressible.

PrimaLoft® SYNERGY Advanced Continuous Filament Insulation

  • Thermally Efficient
  • High Loft
  • Water Resistant
  • Durable
  • Superior softness and compressibility
  • Migration Resistant
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