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PrimaLoft® is a unique bedding fiber that provides unsurpassed comfort and is the only hypoallergenic bedding fill that truly mimics the premium quality of goose down.

PrimaLoft® created the Luxury Down Alternative® market, and has earned a reputation for delivering comfort, luxury and quality.

Due to its luxurious feel, unrivaled comfort and hypoallergenic properties, PrimaLoft® has become the Luxury Down Alternative® fill of choice for comforters, blankets, pillows, mattress pads, and other bedding products used by the world’s finest brands and luxury hotels.

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What is PrimaLoft®?

It might be hard to believe when you are snuggled in a PrimaLoft® comforter, but luxuriously soft PrimaLoft® was originally developed under contract to the United States Army as a synthetic and hypoallergenic replacement for goose down.

Its unique composition resulted in an incredibly soft and luxurious fill which was patented and positioned as a luxury alternative to down.

PrimaLoft® is Hypoallergenic

With PrimaLoft® bedding products, allergy-sensitive sleepers can achieve a peaceful night's rest.

PrimaLoft®, the world's most luxurious down alternative, features a unique blend of ultra-fine fibers engineered to have all the desirable attributes of down without the allergy drawbacks. PrimaLoft® is the only hypoallergenic bedding fill that truly mimics all the luxuries of down.

Select PrimaLoft® Products Provide Anti-microbial Protection

PrimaLoft's® antimicrobial protection keeps bedding fresh throughout the season. Simply follow the standard wash care instructions (machine wash, rinse thoroughly and dry) to enjoy the benefits of anti-microbial protection. See product packaging to verify if the product features anti-microbial protection.

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